Performance Requirements

There are no music selection requirements.
Music selection is at the discretion of the Director.

YOUR PERFORMANCE – Instrumental ensembles are allotted TWENTY-FIVE minutes. Choral ensembles are allotted TWENTY minutes. Each ensemble must complete the following in that time period.

  • Set-Up
  • Perform an optional warm-up - not to exceed three (3) minutes in length
  • Perform two selections of the director’s choice for adjudication
  • Exit the stage

An organization’s stage time begins when the first member of the group enters the stage. Total time on/off stage should not exceed the given time allotment. It is suggested to have no more than a three (3) minute warm-up, which is optional. Two adjudicated selections are not to exceed the time limit, taking into consideration the logistics of set-up and exiting the stage.

**Renaissance Choirs and Show Choirs may perform more than two selections providing their entrance, warm-up, performance, and exit do not exceed the 20 minute limit. Show Choirs are strongly urged to limit props to ensure they do not exceed the time allowed. Any ensemble that goes over their 20 minute limit will be stopped. Each school must supply a set-up crew to rearrange choral risers, music stands or chairs prior to their group’s performance.

AFTER YOUR PERFORMANCE – Return to the Registration Area to pick up your Conductor’s Scores. Score Sheets, Adjudicator Comments and Recaps will be posted on our website after the Awards Ceremony.

If you are not planning on attending the Awards Ceremony you must make prior arrangements with your festival host to pick up your trophies. Groups that have not made prior arrangements, or do not have a representative present at the Awards Ceremony will not receive their trophy.

Equipment Provided

Music equipment provided by the festival in the performance area includes:

CHORAL – Step Choral Risers, Acoustic Piano,One (1) Solo Microphone

INSTRUMENTAL – Chairs, stands, four (4) timpani,bass drum, xylophone, chimes, orchestra bells, and one(1) solo microphone. In addition, a piano will be provided for Jazz Ensemble and Orchestra. You are required to provide your own mallets, etc. for all percussion.

Additional equipment may be provided at some performance locations. Contact your Regional Coordinator (contact information is listed in your Adjudication Schedule) to inquire about any additional equipment.