Facility Description

Based on acoustics, logistics, and proximity to the park, the finest available performance facilities have been acquired. Ensembles will perform in acoustically acceptable performance areas in local schools, churches, colleges, and hotels within an acceptable distance from the park. Performances do not take place in the park.


Warm-up areas are provided in order to tune, line up, and prepare for your performance. It is not a rehearsal room. In some instances, the warm-up area may not have chairs and stands. You may not leave backpacks or purses in the warm-up room. Instrumental ensembles will have 25 minutes to warm-up. Choral ensembles will have 20 minutes to warm-up.

Uniforms & Changing Rooms

Uniforms are optional for performances. Please be certain your students are dressed for performance before entering the performance facility. Changing facilities are not available at performance sites. We recommend that you designate buses for male and female changing of uniforms or have students wear casual clothes under their uniform.

Instrument Cases

All instrument cases should remain on the bus at all times. Please DO NOT take instrument cases into the warm-up or performance areas. Every case should be labeled with the student’s and the school’s name.

Arrival Guidelines

Plan to arrive at the adjudication site 30 minutes before your scheduled warm-up. When you arrive at the adjudication site, go directly to the Registration Area (Leave your students on the bus preparing for performance).


  • Turn in your adjudicator’s packets (2) and Announcer’s Sheet
  • Remit payment for any last minute balance due on your Music in the Parks account (balance due cannot exceed $500 at the festival)
  • Pick up your Amusement Park tickets & Music In The Parks student/director souvenir.
  • After you have completed this task, your students may enter the building. Please keep in mind that other ensembles are on stage performing while you enter. Encourage your students to show these ensembles the same courtesy and respect they would expect, and be as quiet and orderly as possible.
  • A representative will lead your students into the warm-up area. If you have arrived early, you are welcome to enter the performance area and view other ensembles’ performances.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all performance sites will have extra space available to hold students. If you are not planning on watching other ensembles, plan to wait on your buses (Fridays) or outside (Saturdays) until your scheduled warm-up.

Adjudicator Packets

The Director must furnish two (2) judge’s packets consisting of original scores for each adjudicated composition with the measures numbered and performance selection sheet. The Director must also furnish an extra performance selection sheet for the announcer.

Music in the Parks will provide digital media for your verbal comments. All verbal comments will be uploaded to our website after the event.